Our Philosophy

Firstly, we have to understand that our dogs are a reflection of the environment we live in. Creating balance in our day to day life is important but Nooch understands that this is sometimes easier said than done. 

Our dogs benefit incredibly when we teach their owners the Nooch's Pooches method; to create structure and provide a job in their life!

All dogs were designed to do a job whether it was pulling sleds, herding sheep, hunting or protecting. Our ancestors used their dogs daily to provide that job, fulfilling instinctive needs for survival was important within the community or tribe.

Now we have dogs as our companions, the biggest issue arises from the fact that we are not stimulating them mentally and physically in the way they were intended. All breeds have their unique characteristics but share the same primal makeup. 

Therefore Nooch's job is to eliminate problem behaviour. We do this by not only treating the symptoms (human/dog aggression, anxiety and boisterous behaviour) but by also creating the ultimate fulfilment and sense of purpose through giving our dogs an urban job.

Become an effective leader and your dog will become a successful follower!       

The walk and basic obedience training (sit, down, stay and come when called) is the most common style of urban job we like to teach. So when we walk, Nooch expects loose lead and focus, sit when we stop and release on command. Mentally processing and following the job while physically active on our walks or runs. We include park play time on long leads for every walk for dogs to be dogs and most importantly, have fun!

Basic obedience training teaches practical skills so that you have the ability to clearly communicate with your dog, even if he slips off the lead in a busy street. Commands like Sit, Stay or Come may save your dogs life one day. Training is like learning a dance, synchronicity between the dancers establishing a leader and a follower while in flow.   

The behavioural issues training helps dogs that are reactive and aggressive towards people and dogs. Nooch teaches owners how to manage and control their dog by using the right equipment and the right state of mind. Get an understanding of behaviour modification methods and techniques to help rehabilitate your dog. Socialise appropriately so they understand how to act when around busy and stimulating environments.  

Firm yet always fair.

By starting early with puppy or obedience training is the best way for dog owners to ensure their dogs are a great member of society, that follows commands and that are friendly within their environment. Create strong foundations, build relationships, affection, games and most importantly a clear understanding of the boundaries and rules in each and every situation.


Nooch's Pooches comes to you!

We provide in-home sessions for Basic Obedience, Behavioural Issues and Puppy Classes. In-home sessions provide a personal approach to training or working with particular issues in the environment where the foundations of learning come from.

The Nooch's Pooches method is effective in all areas of training our dog and becomes a way of life for the dog to live by. This connection is more than a physical one, it allows you to be aware of the special bond you create by reaching a level of balance in the mind, body and spirit.

Panos Anagnostou
Founder & Head Trainer of Nooch's Pooches
Qualified by:
National Dog Trainers Federation Cert III
Statement of Attainment in Dog Training Cert IV
Dangerous Dog Handling Course
Animal Studies Cert II

People training for dogs.


Mind Body Connection.



Empower your leadership skills.


Connect and communicate with your dog. 


Teach your dog and learn about yourself.


Creating structure within your daily routine with our dogs,

helps eliminate problem behaviours.